01 Sep 2021

Key Risk Training Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with BizWhys Company Limited

On the 1st September 2021 Key Risk Training Solutions is pleased to announce it has entered into a collaborative partnership with BizWhys Company Limited to bring to corporate China a new and refreshing business conference experience. For far too long corporate risk related conferences in China have followed the same mundane subject presentation formulae and content that has rarely changed to keep pace with the fast-evolving risks and solutions that companies are required to accommodate when navigating the China market place. The Key Risk-BizWhys partnership will enable us to leverage our collective and extensive experience in the China market to provide exciting, highly relevant and custom designed subject material to those attending future business risk related conferences, and at the same time exposing our attendees to subject matter material that will be both highly relevant and practical to their job responsibilities and the issues they encounter day-to-day in the work-place environment.

“Our partnership with Key Risk Training Solutions will allow BizWhys to break the current mundane business risk conference mold and connect more deeply and relevantly with our attendees to deliver a superior conference experience. By leveraging the relationship with key Risk Training Solutions – a company that was founded by veteran business risk consultant Robert Youill who has built up over the years a strong reputation in the international market for his expertise conducting complex corporate risk mitigation assignments – we will be presenting highly relevant subject matter designed to deliver corporate risk mitigation solutions that really matter in today’s China business environment” says Yvonne Hou-  Partner at BizWhys

Robert Youill, Executive Director, commented, “At Key Risk Training Solutions we hold the belief, exemplified by our slogan ‘Now Everybody Can Learn’, that people deserve relevant in-career opportunities to receive affordable training from experienced and knowledgeable working practitioners, who will help them gain the experience  that allows them to not only perform better in the workplace, but to also improve their knowledge , longer term career prospects, and at the same time add real value to their industry.”

“We are excited to be entering this partnership with BizWhys and to be able to share the extensive working experience and knowledge of our senior training consultants, who are themselves practitioners possessing decades of working experience in Asia,” he added. “We see this partnership as an exciting way forward and are eagerly preparing to align our knowledge and experience in the China business risk solution environment with BizWhys experience in the conference industry market place.”

For more information contact Yvonne Hou at yvonne.h@bwacteam.com or Robert Youill at robert.youill@keyriskconsultingasia.com

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