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Safeguarding a company’s reputation is of major importance in today‘s global business environment.
Companies, irrespective of size, periodically face the unnerving task of dealing with malicious complaints or other allegations of wrong doing.
Key Risk Consulting’s Employee Integrity Services are designed to assist companies in selecting the most suitable candidates by ascertaining genuine qualifications and experience.
Key Risk Consulting has learnt that Brand Protection requires a multi-faceted strategic approach that combines both prevention and response.
Key Risk Consulting not only undertakes highly discreet investigations but also uncovers solid intelligence and provides value-added analysis that helps decision-makers understand and mitigate risks.
Political risk is a continuing danger to multi-national companies operating globally.
Key Risk Consulting Asia provides services in gap analysis and design of processes for anti-bribery compliance
Our aviation security experts offer a wide range of compliance, audit, training and risk mitigation services.
We offer a wide range of services relating to crisis response, training, policy and SOP review, as well as crisis exercise design.


Our Expertise

Key Risk Consulting undertakes sophisticated investigations and uncovers actionable intelligence. By performing valuable analysis, Key Risk Consulting helps to address and mitigate risks, protect assets, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities in the Asia region. We understand that complex issues require a multitalented approach often working within cultural norms and time constraints. Key risk is dedicated to finding the best talent available to solve our clients’ needs. Collaboration and understranding is what drives our business.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, the legal profession, academic and economic research and investigative journalism. Based in many parts of Asia, the team has both cultural and intimate local knowledge that ensures our clients obtain accurate and valuable information. Our team knows Asia. All members of Key Risk Consulting Asia conduct their work in full compliance with applicable laws and global ethical standards.