On 1 June 2020 Malaysia underwent a major change in the business environment for which many companies operating are unlikely to be adequately prepared, or possibly not even aware of the implications. On that day, Section 17A of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Act came into force bringing with it far reaching consequences for all registered companies operating in Malaysia, large or small. Should any person associated with the organisation corruptly offer or give a bribe in connection with its business activities, the legislation now places stringent responsibilities on those in control of the company in that they, not just the company, will be held personally and criminally liable, and face severe penalties.

Key Risk Consulting Asia, as a leading provider of comprehensive anti-bribery management solutions and implementation of MS IS0 37001:2016 ABMS Standard, is uniquely positioned to help companies operating in Malaysia to meet the requirements of this legislation with widely experienced specialists, who bring together decades of investigative experience in corruption and fraud around Asia, and ISO 37001:2016 ABMS Lead Auditors and Lead Implementers, to assist those companies achieve a comprehensive and robust anti-bribery management system.

Safeguarding a company’s reputation is of major importance in today‘s global business environment. As corporations seek out new markets or evolve in their developed environment to drive market share , identify supplies and service agents, or form joint ventures with new business partners , corporate officers and directors must be ever more vigilant to avoid potential violations of applicable global anti-bribery and corruption laws. These include, for example, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (The ―FCPA), The U.K. Bribery Act, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) convention on combating bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions, and—equally important—local anti-corruption regulatory demands that are often overlooked at global HQ.

Key Risk Consulting has a unique understanding and on-the-ground capabilities in many jurisdictions across Asia; we are well placed to help our clients  navigate anti-bribery and corruption risk both proactively (assessing and mitigating risk); reactively (responding to allegations with multidisciplinary  investigation capabilities); and in monitoring and remediation (designing and testing new controls or modifications to current operating protocols and  procedures). All work undertaken by Key Risk Consulting is conducted in an ethical manner and in full compliance with local and international laws.

Companies, irrespective of size, periodically face the unnerving task of dealing with malicious complaints or other allegations of wrong doing. Such unwelcome news can occur at any time and target anybody in the business. However, many companies lack the resources to thoroughly investigate or mitigate the risks involved or the potential damage such incidents can cause. Indeed, the allegation may be such that an in-house investigation is not appropriate and would attract additional allegations including biasness or protectionism; in such situations companies are often under the spotlight, wherein demonstrating good corporate governance is a high priority to avoid regulatory scrutiny. When executives or their legal counsel need to resolve an allegation or establish the facts surrounding such incident, Key Risk Consulting brings extensive experience and our perceptive understanding of the Asian business environment to support clients by decisively responding to their issues and needs. Key Risk Consulting  can offer a range of customized corporate investigative services depending on the specific needs and objectives of our clients. All work undertaken by Key Risk Consulting is conducted in an ethical manner and in full compliance with local and
international laws.

Key Risk Consulting’s Employee Integrity Services are designed to assist companies in selecting the most suitable candidates by ascertaining genuine qualifications and experience as well as assessing reputations and work history. Our objective is to not only protect our client’s assets and information against fraudsters and unscrupulous competitors but also protect existing employees from unsuitable co-workers and therefore safeguard our client’s reputation.

Key Risk Consulting has learn that Brand Protection requires a multi-faceted strategic approach that combines both prevention and response; internal and external measures are used to protect the company’s intellectual assets. We have spent a number of years developing our strengths in creating customized
solutions as well as delivering strategic advice and tactical ope rations where counterfeiting is uncovered. All of our capabilities are designed to support government enforcement actions whenever the need arises.

Key Risk Consulting understands that many brand owners need to maintain a zero-tolerance approach to counterfeiting at all levels of the supply chain and therefore frequent raid and seizure actions are an important component; however, we also advise clients that a truly effective long-term IP enforcement
programme must eventually evolve into one that targets syndicated rather than stand-alone targets. Therefore, we focus on the development of “real actionable” intelligence and analyze how this can be used to disrupt manufacturing and the counterfeit product supply chains. All work undertaken by Key Risk Consulting is conducted in an ethical manner and is in full compliance with local and international laws.

In a global business environment, the need to know your business partner or vendor is more vital than ever. Investigative Due Diligence and Third-Party Screening is a must to ensure your business is protected from risks posed by dishonest potential business partners and local – international compliance requirements. Essentially Due Diligence and Vendor Screening identifies “off-balance sheet risk” or other business risks that are not visible or obvious from financial, legal reviews or simple “desk top” research. The Key Risk Consulting approach focuses on essential entities involved in a given transaction or partnership; using legal and ethical fact-finding processes, we look into their background, reputation, track record, business operations, and litigation history. All work undertaken by Key Risk Consulting is conducted in an ethical manner and in full compliance with local and international laws.

Political risk is a continuing danger to multi-national companies operating globally. Its many forms include: political instability, military conflict, terrorism, a coup, expropriation of assets, trade frictions between countries or major shift in domestic policy. To understand and mitigate these risks Key Risk Consulting can supply our clients with detailed and accurate political and business risk assessments that meet the requirements of corporate decision makers.

Whether you are an investor, trader, insurer or business executive seeking to enter into an unfamiliar country, or even if you already have a well-established presence, understanding the political and business environment in which you are operating or about to invest can be vital to the success of your objectives. It is a well-known fact that many governments have their own agenda and will often manipulate the actual political, economic, business and social dynamics within their country; however, the actual “on-the-ground “ facts can be significantly different from what appears in the official message or media. An independent risk assessment is therefore vital to identify facts and insight from propaganda and manipulated news.

All work undertaken by Key Risk Consulting is conducted in an ethical manner and in full compliance with local and international laws.

A crisis management plan isn’t needed in case you have a crisis, it is needed for when.

Even the biggest and best prepared organizations face sudden, and potentially crippling, crisis at some point in their existence because, inevitably, there will be a time when there is nothing that can be done to foresee a looming problem, more often in a space of minutes, rather than days, weeks or months.

In the experience of Key Risk Consulting Asia, a “crisis management plan” is actually insufficient preparation to head-off a crisis, or mitigate fall-out, when it arises. We advocate an organizational continuity approach, so that there is an embedded crisis management framework, led from the top, that consists of elements of knowledge; ownership; ability; communications; planning; evaluation; vitality; responsiveness; and recovery.

Through our sister company, Key Risk Training Solutions, we also offer a comprehensive suite of training modules to support clients who have an ever-increasing need for effective, informed and qualified investigators, investigation managers and researchers; and who are required to operate in the complex commercial world of Asia.  We are happy to prepare bespoke courses based on and around our individual modules, depending on the client’s specific needs.

In addition, we offer three unique three-day courses aimed at those entering and pursuing their career in the private investigation or security industries, with the aim of improving their effectiveness and enhancing their career path in the industry.

Our training ranges from research, investigation and case handling skills, to critical incident response, as well as surveillance and close protection, and is aimed at new comers as well as managerial level staff in the industry.

Full information, together with detailed information on each of our courses, can be found at www.keyrisktrainingsolutions.com